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Demos & Competition


Any demo relevant to Safety, Security or Rescue Robotics is welcome. Please see the submissions page for details on how to submit a proposal for a demo. Demo submissions are due Sep 1st, 2017.


There will also be a small competition held in paralel to SSRR 2017. The main goal here is to have some rescue robots running around and to demonstrate their capabilities in a live arena.

The arena will be composed out of a few selected standard robot test elements. The elements will be at the 60cm scale, that is half the width of a standard RoboCup Rescue arena. Any ground robot that fits in the arena is welcome - please contact Sören Schwetfeger (soerensch AT for details and if you want to participate.

Elements Overview

The following test elements will be part of the competition - please refer to the RoboCup Rescue rulebook for more info:

  • (MAN 1) Center​ (60cm)
  • (MAN 2) Align (60cm)
  • (MAN 3) Traverse (60cm)
  • (MAN 4) Crossover (60cm)
  • (MOB 1) Hurdles (60cm)
  • (MOB 2) Sand/Gravel Hills (60cm)
  • (MOB 3) Stepfields (60cm)
  • Stairs (we will use the concrete stairs of the building)
  • Confined Space Cube
  • (DEX 1) Parallel Pipes (provides multipliers for all above tests - details tbd.)
  • (DEX 2) Omni­Directional​Pipes (provides multipliers for all above tests - details tbd.)
  • Maze for mapping and autonomy (60cm+) (Tests: 2D mapping, 3D mapping, autonomous exploration, identification)
You will have 10 minutes teleoperation plus extra 10 minutes autonomy time.
Reset: 2min time penalty for each touching the robot. After a reset the robot has to start from the start zone again. The robot keeps the points achieved so far.
The idintification items to be autonomously identified are: QR codes, Hazmat signs and fire extinguishers.

Every team gets X runs (X is tbd. - also depends on the number of participants). Every team is free to choose which test they want to perform. For each test the best score will be noted. A ranking will be established for each test. Awards will be given based on how well teams perform on the different tests - details tbd.


MAN 1 Center: Drive through the narrow gap (diagonal length of your ground contact) without touching the walls. Picture with a Clearpath Jackal robot (50.8cm x 43cm).

MAN 2 Align: Drive on the rails without falling down. Rail width will be adjusted to fit your robot. (A 50cm ruler is shown in front.)

MAN 3 Traverse: Drive up and down the ramp following the indicated track (to be painted).

MAN 4 Crossover: Drive to the end and back as fast as possible.

MOB 1 Hurdles: Drive up (and down) over the rolling pipes (pipes still missing).

MOB 2 Sand Gravel Hills: Drive to the end and back as fast as possible.

MOB 3 Stepfields: Drive to the end and back as fast as possible.

Confined Space Cube: Small through a 40cm square hole at the top, drive through three layers and exit at the bottom on the side.

Maze: Autonomously explore and map the maze.
Overview of the SSRR 2017 competition room.


Teams that want to participate in the SSRR 2017 Small Robot Competition should register with Sören Schwertfeger (via email: soerensch at by September 1st. Please include your team name, the list of team members that will attend the competition and a short description of your robot and approach with photos.

For each team at least one team member has to have registered at the SSRR conference. Access to the competition is only granted for team members. Only students are exempt from additionally registering with SSRR (e.g. advisers have to register with SSRR if they want to join their team. Also: at least one team member has to be registered with SSRR). Team members that are not registered with SSRR cannot participate in the social activities of SSRR (e.g. banquet, awards lunch).